Pet rabbit nibbles its way to fire alert

Fire fighters in Cleveland were called to attend a house fire last week which had been started by a rabbit. The intrepid bunny had escaped its hutch and had found the utility room. The rabbit then worked its way to the back of the tumble dryer and chewed the flex. This damage resulted in a small fire.
Luckily the householders had a smoke alarm which alerted them to call the fire brigade. But having to replace their damaged tumble dryer, re-decorate the smoke damage, and sooth their traumatised pet bunny must have had the family vowing to keep a special eye on thumper in the future.
House rabbits are becoming increasingly more popular as companions as well as playmates. Safe-a-fluff, the rabbit rescue charity, recommends that all electrical cables should be protected in rabbit proof covering. Also, that house rabbits are placed in a hutch or suitable cage whilst unattended, and to provide bunny with suitable toys to chew on!
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Heartbreak for sisters as their business fights the flames

The owners of a Welsh based business, Spectrum Collections, woke up on Sunday to discover that it had been hit by a devastating fire. Sophie and Hannah Pyecroft started their make-up brush and accessories concept in the garage of their family home in Barry, Wales. Interest quickly grew in their cruelty free and rainbow coloured make-up brushes, unicorn tear sponges, shell shaped bags and accessories in which they promised that ‘no unicorns had been harmed’ and they now sell to a world-wide clientele.
The fire, which hit the company’s Essex warehouse, was battled by over 100 fire fighters, and was described as ‘completely alight’ with flames also burning lorries outside the warehouse.
The inferno threatened to spread to a neighbouring industrial unit and officers worked through the night to contain the blaze.
Fifteen fire engines and specialist appliances, such as aerial ladder platforms to vary the angle of fire hoses, were at the scene after the first emergency call was made at 12.21am on Sunday.
Businesswomen Sophie and Hannah vowed to fight on however, from their office location in Barry. Whilst the collections are being labelled as ‘sold out’ online, they are expecting another delivery of the vegan friendly synthetic brushes and the site will be back up and running soon.
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Cloudy soup in clearing as students await A level results on Thursday

Thursday is A level results day and this year there are varying numbers of places still available at England’s universities.  This could mean that for students who either do better than expected, or worse than expected, they will probably enter the UCAS (University Colleges Admission Service) clearing system to find a higher education place more suited to their needs than their original application.  But there is a new trend in the clearing soup.  Despite appetite for further study after school never being stronger, it seems that school leavers who are keen to go onto higher education are leaving it until they receive their results before they choose which university to apply to.  This means there are potential students who have yet to trawl through the process of application and moving to a different part of the country … all this in just a matter of a month before starting the course.

Universities are bracing themselves for a tumultuous few weeks until the start of the semester.  It is the policy of many universities to offer only early conditional applicants the guarantee of student halls residency.  This means that late applicants through clearing are not necessarily guaranteed university accommodation and thus the university will draw on private landlords to fill the gap for students in their first year.  Most students prefer to leave university halls behind in their second and third years and rent privately for the rest of their time at university.

All of this may well mean that extra student accommodation will be in demand … landlords need to make sure that their properties are ready, safe and compliant for the start of term.  Please contact us at Bath & West Fire & Safety for fire risk assessments, fire alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets and get top marks on your property.

Firemen accused of starting fires … only to put them out

Sicily is enthralling for many reasons, not only for its scenic beauty, food and weather. The island off the toe of Italy’s boot is thought to be the origin of some of the most famous and notorious Italian families in history.

Now it would appear that 15 auxiliary firefighters have been arrested with charges on suspicion that they have been starting wildfires and reporting non-existent blazes so they could earn approximately £9 an hour for putting them out.

Police in Ragusa province, on the island of Sicily, said the fire department became suspicious when it was discovered that the part-time brigade had responded to over 100 incidents compared with just 40 tackled by other volunteer teams over the same period.

The brigade commander, a refrigeration technician, has been held under house arrest because he was suspected off continuing to start fires after others had stopped.

Most of the remaining team members, whose mobile phone calls were recorded as part of the investigation, have since admitted phoning the 115-emergency number or getting friends or relatives to do it for them.

The brigade commander allegedly left the station in his van, lit fires or made false emergency reports, then came back and waited to be called out to deal with it. He showed “a sharp criminal ability and … no fear about the consequences of his behaviour”, police said.

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‘Bacon is off I’m afraid’

In these days of sunny moments and thunder clouds, it is difficult to make plans that are fail-safe; one minute it’s slapping on the sun cream and the next it’s brollies everywhere.
So, this makes planning an outdoor holiday in the UK, especially camping, a bit more of a challenge. Fresh air dining is a pleasure of camping but in this typical British summer the weather report needs to be watched very carefully before setting off to cook a three-course supper on the gas stove.
The general advice is that you should never use a gas, petrol or other combustion cooker inside your tent for two reasons: the risk of fire and the possible build-up of carbon dioxide, or worse, carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odourless, smokeless, poisonous and can lead swiftly to unconsciousness and death.
It is also sensible to have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket handy, and never leave your cooking unattended.
Any heat source close to a synthetic fabric tent wall can be dangerous as the fabrics can catch fire. Appliances can also flare up, so an arching wall is a high risk. If the weather is bad, a separate high porch canopy combined with a windshield on the cooker will often provide sufficient weatherproofing for your cooking needs.
Or, better still, why not tell your fellow campers that the bacon is off, and how about bagels and orange juice instead? For all your fire safety needs including fire extinguishers and fire blankets contact us at Bath & West Fire & Safety. Happy camping!