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Since 1991 the beautiful town of Bradford-on-Avon has had its own fire and safety advice and supply company and that is us, here at Bath & West Fire & Safety. Locals can easily recognise our familiar silver vans that are very much part of the community. Not only serving this area, we have valued customers all over the South of England, Wales and parts of London. And when out on the road we proudly represent the best that the west country has to offer in our friendly, independent, accredited, and knowledgeable approach to serving communities and businesses with fire safety advice and assessment, fire safety supply and fitting, fire alarm commissioning and maintenance, and fire safety training.
We even have a company mascot! Here is Farley pictured with partner Steve Milne, son of the founder of Bath & West Fire & Safety. Although Farley does not go out on site, he is very much a valued friend and takes care of ‘office deliveries’ and feet warming. Please tick the box for us as your favourite business in Bradford-on-Avon – we would really appreciate your support (voting closes on Sunday).
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Catching those last rays of sun, it’s time to dust off the caravan

September can have the most glorious days of sunshine, and at this time of year every day of warmth seems more appreciated, than in the summer when it is expected.
So, if you have a motorhome or caravan, now is as good a time as any to steal some time away and bask in the peace and quiet of a few days’ escape now that the schools are back. Picture early autumn days with deserted beaches and crisp morning walks in the golden glow of September.
Heading out to a new and unexpected adventure you never know what is around the corner, so it really is important that plans are made for any eventuality … good or bad. Once you have drafted the shopping list, just have a check on your fire prevention equipment, such as a fire extinguisher and fire blanket, you never know when you might need them … and just having them ready to go might just save somebody’s life.
For all your fire safety needs whether at work or play, contact us at Bath & West Fire & Safety – your local fire safety experts. Happy travelling!

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Although we serve an area far and wide, our home is in vibrant Bradford-on-Avon. It’s a beautiful town with near Bath, with historically interesting streets and no less than two waterways flowing through.
The history of Bradford-on-Avon is steeped in the wool trade. For six centuries wool harvesting, weaving, and selling-on as cloth was the town’s main purpose. The main streets in the town today still have the decorative clothiers’ houses as focal points, with humble but functional weavers’ cottages winding up the hills behind that date back to the 17th century, which was the most successful period of the local textile industry. Today the streets and passage-ways are a source of fascination for tourists and locals alike.
But moving forward to the industrial age, Bradford-on-Avon changed as the wool industry became more industrialised and the mills of the town (now mostly converted to flats) were powered by its waterways, and with other industries, the town thrived.
Meanwhile, the fire extinguisher was invented in the late 1800s, but didn’t really come into mass production until after World War II in the 1940s.
Then in 1991, in Bradford-on-Avon, Jon Milne launched the business he named Bath & West Fire & Safety. Jon had the philosophy of delivering quality fire safety advice and products coupled with a friendly, knowledgeable service to businesses and individuals. As the business grew the vans of Bath & West Fire & Safety became a well-known feature as they travelled around the west of England and Wales. Today, his son Steve Milne and business partner, Darren Dicker are at the helm of Bath & West Fire & Safety and this philosophy carries on.
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Eastern Eye Indian Restaurant in Bath ‘A Death Trap’

A Bath restaurant was such a serious fire risk to its customers and staff that its owner was told he could end up in jail.
The Crown Court judge in the case said that customers and staff would have found it almost impossible to escape in the event of a fire.
Investigating fire safety officers found a “compendium of multiple failings” at The Eastern Eye on Quiet Street in the Georgian Quarter of Bath.
In the catalogue of failings it was stated that the fire escape was blocked and unlit, fire alarms were not working, fire doors were faulty and no fire safety risk assessment had been carried out. Additionally no staff training records were available, and internal doors that did not fit properly were wedged open.
Fire safety officers carried out a full investigation of the Indian restaurant after concerns were raised by a member of the public and subsequent visit from the council.
Owner Abdul Hadi Choudhury was sentenced on Friday, September 1, having admitted to multiple and serious breaches of fire safety regulations.
Sentencing in Bristol Crown Court, judge Douglas Field described the breaches of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 as a “compendium of multiple failings”.
Had a fire occurred in the kitchen of the restaurant, it would have been almost impossible for the customers and staff to have escaped to safety, the judge concluded.
He fined the restaurant £70,000 and handed Choudhury a suspended six-month jail term. Judge Field also ordered him to pay prosecution costs of £8,381.
Clearly an extremely worrying case for this popular Bath restaurant frequented by locals and tourists alike. Please contact us at Bath & West Fire & Safety for fire risk assessments, staff training, fire alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets. We supply, test and advise.