Famous Movie Scenes featuring a Fire Extinguisher – #1 The Bodyguard

In the big haired, sparkly early 1990s, the film The Bodyguard was a huge hit with its glamour, romance and power-ballads that seemed to go on forever. Star of the day Witney Houston was in the leading role and she played Rachel, a singer. Witney had a stalker and this mystery person had threatened to kill her. So worried were her friends that they persuaded her to hire bodyguard, Frank, played by heart-throb Kevin Costner. Cue the romance and several scenes of Witney pursued from concert to banquet to concert followed by the meanies who Kevin had to gallantly fight off. In one memorable scene Witney is on stage, dancing and singing and cavorting wearing a fantastic outfit fashioned with a solid silver corset, a pearl collar and a skirt made from strings of beads. Suddenly a commotion breaks out and poor Witney is hurled off the stage into the audience who catch her. She is then crowd surfed whilst Kevin hurriedly thinks of something he can do to get Witney back. He grabs a fire extinguisher and shoots it straight into the crowd, covering the screaming fans from head to foot in masses of white foam. He then uses the same extinguisher to forge his way through the hysteria to Witney who, apart from losing a few pearls from her costume looks remarkably clean and unruffled by the foam and manhandling. Grateful for his quick thinking, Witney leaps into Kevin’s arms and cradling her he strides away. Presumably the dry-cleaning bills for the ruined boob tubes and white suits were sent to his office to deal with. We hope the concert venue called in the fire safety experts too, as the used fire extinguisher would need to be replaced.

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Drone crash sparks forest fire in Arizona

A drone owner has been charged with starting a fire in Arizona after his drone ignited upon crashing in the Flagstaff parklands, Arizona, USA. The fire spread and destroyed over 300 acres of grassland in Arizona’s Coconino national forest. Around 30 firefighters battled the blaze, and bought it under control within a day.

The reasons for the drone being in the area are unclear. If found guilty, the drone’s owner could face a jail sentence.

The history of drones connected with forest fires is mixed. They have a part to play in the prevention of fire in that they can be sent where it would be dangerous to send an expert to identify fire origin and spread, and help fire fighters decide the best way to keep it under control. But whilst it is legal for the public to fly a drone in a USA National Forest, there are strict regulations governing when and where they can be flown. In 2017, helicopters helping to tackle a fire in the same forest were hampered by a drone taking pictures of the blaze.
In the UK the government have tightened up the laws on the use of drones, and created a six point ‘drone code’, including that the pilot should always have their drone ‘in sight’ in case of potential problems. But in making the code the government acknowledged that these were early days in the use and potential of the drone.

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It’s March, there are hares are a-bout

If you are very lucky you may be able to witness the ‘March Madness’ of hares in the wild as they appear to box each other during the spring season. The hares appear to run about, jump vertically for no reason, and standing on their hind legs, box each other in a comical fashion. This is all to do with the mating season, the male hares are indeed in an amorous mood, but it is the female who bats him away. It is also thought that the boxing tests the strength of the male when competition is fierce for a suitable mate. Hares live above ground in open country, usually hiding in long grass to escape predators, but once disturbed rely on outrunning their enemies. They reach speeds of 45 miles an hour, making them Britain’s fastest wild animal. Hares can also jump sideways and backwards over hedges.

But life is not so dreamy for this creature. English hares are becoming increasingly rare in the south-west. The best way to spot these amazing animals would be to get up early and take a long walk into the countryside, keeping a keen eye for the wide-open fields, long grass and hedgerows of their habitat with a pair of binoculars. You may need a lot of patience.

As with all visits to the countryside, ensure you leave it as you find it, including the safe extinguishing of any cigarettes. Fires should only be lit with the permission of the landowner. For all your fire safety needs including fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire risk assessments and fire alarms contact us at Bath & West Fire & Safety.