Famous Movie Scenes featuring a Fire Extinguisher #4 Gravity

The 2013 film Gravity defied convention in many ways.  Described as an experience more than a movie, almost the entire film was depicted in space and focussed on an astronaut’s quest to get back to earth using any means available to her after the conventional methods had failed.  Starring Sandra Bullock, a memorable moment featuring a fire extinguisher in the film was when she used it’s vapour to transport herself across outer space to another capsule.


Would this be possible? Opinions are that the fire extinguisher would certainly have moved her, but not necessarily in the direction she intended.  The extinguisher would have needed to sit right at her “centre of mass” with equal weights on both sides.  But the extinguisher spraying from any other point would have thrown her off balance and spun her around. This spinning would be faster and more disorienting than on earth, though, because there would be no resistance in space.  In addition, NASA have also commented that American spacecraft don’t carry the style of extinguisher used in the film, so there.


But it was an entertaining idea.


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Famous Movie Scenes featuring a Fire Extinguisher #3 Doctor in Clover

The ‘Doctor In …’ films were a series of very successful comedies in the 1960s in which hapless young doctors got involved in all sorts of jolly japes. In this one youthful Leslie Phillips creates mayhem in a teaching hospital corridor, when a patients’ food trolley is knocked over and the young doctor slips on what looks like a tray of macaroni cheese. In free-fall Leslie grabs a wall-mounted fire extinguisher and it goes off. His doctor friend gets a face-full of foam when he offers to help by saying ‘let me have it’. The foamy fun doesn’t stop there. Dainty nurses in stilettos just happening to pass in the corridor get covered, as so does matron, and a crowd of orderlies … suddenly there are people everywhere in the chaos – all covered in foam! But wait, it gets even messier when, guess what, the boss turns up all suited and booted, with a white hanky in his top-pocket, and stiff upper lip intact he seem oblivious to his surroundings. The foam shoots all over him from head to foot, ruining his smart suit and he stares incredulously, then angrily at the two doctors, then takes out a notebook to write down their misdemeanour, but it quickly gets covered in foam too. The top man, actor James Robertson Justice is driving a car nearby and this gets covered in foam, the extinguisher seems to go on forever. If you like slap-stick comedy then this one is definitely up your street … but the likelihood of simply falling on a fire extinguisher and it going off and creating acres of mayhem is extremely remote.

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Famous Movie Scenes featuring a Fire Extinguisher #2 Thunderball

The glamorous 007 films which started in the 1960s delighted and surprised audiences with ‘licenced to kill’ James Bond getting out of all sorts of scrapes in almost unbelievable ways.  The film Thunderball was no exception, as before the opening credits ran, Bond was being pursued on foot by the baddies, he was trapped at the top of a castle and it looked like this time he was foxed.  But no, seemingly appearing out of nowhere 007 puts on a rocket-belt and jets straight up in the air over the top of the building where a glamorous brunette was waiting with Bond’s Aston Martin car coasting in neutral.  Bond swiftly shrugs off the jet pack and stuffs it into the boot and off they drive, leaving the villains with only their heads to scratch in confusion.    The inventions were always on the cutting edge in the Bond films, but unlike the promotional pictures, the jet pack did not appear to be made out of a fire extinguisher. The real rocket-belt actually did exist.  It was built by Bell Hydrosystems  and they called it the  “man-rocket”.  Powered using hydrogen peroxide as fuel, it was even tested by the US army, but with a flying time of only around 20 seconds it was mothballed.   It looks likely that the only input from an actual fire extinguisher in the film Thunderball was from the sound department, which was dubbed over the film to create the noise of the flying jet pack.


We recommend that you only use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire and not try to use it as a jet-propelled aircraft.  For all your fire safety needs including fire extinguishers and alarms contact us at Bath & West Fire & Safety.

Knit your own fire blanket in 10 trendy colours.

Along with silver and gold extinguishers for the discerning client, we are pleased to once again lead the way with innovative products.

Knit your own fire blanket taps into the fashion trend for hipster knitting as witnessed on the streets of Paris, Tokyo and New York. Colours to choose from are low-rise black, sky blue, jazz red, snow white, canary yellow, vintage burgundy, ironic green, seaweed turquoise, whiskers orange and bambi pink. Knitting this not only will provide therapy for the man or woman on the go, but also the resulting article becomes a useful tool within the kitchen. After the pattern is complete, the blanket can be stored on a hook where it can be admired by friends, all with the knowledge that should a fire occur it could be chucked into the direction of the action.

The pattern can be adapted to stripes, swirls, or for the more advanced hipster knit: cheques in colours to match the shirts hipsters love so much.

Important. Stop knit on the above. The knit your own blanket is useless! It is only suitable as a knee rug. Get your own real fire blanket from us at Bath & West Fire & Safety, available in only one colour – white.