It is Candles galore as the Festive Season kicks off

An elegant candelabra is the most beautiful centrepiece for the festive dining table and there are so many designs to choose from to make your home look special. Of course, a candle is a mini fire, so caution is needed when having a live fire in the centre of your house, albeit a tiny one.
It would be ideal to choose specific dinner candles for the candelabra, these are standard sized long candles usually tapered at both ends, with the base ribbed vertically so that it fits into your flame resistant holder securely. The choice of wick is important too, and a more expensive branded candle would have a suitable wick which should not create smoke and burn evenly without too much dripping. You should always check that your candles are stable before lighting. If the candle is a little wobbly, one tip is to drip some warm wax into the base cup and quickly but firmly press the candle onto the small pool of wax in the holder until it cools and hardens to make sure it sticks.
Once lit the candelabra comes into its full glory, it’s time to chink your wine glasses, but always keep an eye out for flammable materials like curtains and table linen, as well as pets and children running about.
After the dinner party is over, remember to extinguish the candles when the last person leaves the room and make sure they’re out completely at night.
Also check your smoke alarm and test it regularly to provide further safety precautions. There were over 350 casualties related to candles in the UK last year, so a candle fire can be a real problem.
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