When Santa got stuck up the chimney …

An uncleaned chimney attracts coal soot deposits or wood tar deposits. This is a dangerous build up, not only is there a risk that a certain red coated man with a white beard might get stuck, there is also the risk of chimney fire. When you have a fire the heat from the fire warms the deposits releasing combustible volatiles until they ignite. The fire will then spread up into the chimney as the burning deposits heat the chimney above.
If you have a chimney fire, you will probably hear a roaring noise in the chimney, especially with an open fire. Outside masses of smoke will be pouring out of the chimney.
In an extreme scenario chimney fires can spread into your joists, and weaken the structure of the house.
Don’t leave it until the New Year to see a chimney sweep – the time to clean your chimney is now and should be done at least every year for average use. Santa will thank you for it!
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