The Festive Christmas pudding aura – a flourish with flame

After the traditional turkey feast, it is the turn of the Christmas (or plum) pudding to take the limelight. To give that wonderful blue glow of flame surrounding the pudding as you present the pudding to the delight of your guests, here are our tips:
Ensure anything flammable is out of the way, up, down and around where you are to serve the pudding. Turn out your hot steamed pudding out onto a large flat plate with a good-sized rim to contain the liquid. Remove any holly or decoration you have on the pudding … it will catch fire otherwise. Warm about three to four tablespoons of brandy in a small saucepan, until hot. Carefully pour the hot liquid into a large metal ladle held over your pudding. Standing back, light the brandy and pour it gently over the pudding. Let the flame go out before you serve. The secret is to have the brandy hot, and it will continue with its aura until all the alcohol is burnt out. Always have a fire blanket on-hand just in case. Always be careful when handling naked flame and don’t be tempted to lean over the pudding and get singed eyebrows.
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