It’s a Red Alert to keep this Planet Blue

In these days of environmental responsibility, have you ever wondered what happens to your extinguishers when they are removed from their stations as an ‘extended service’ and whether they are recycled?


As part of our regular visits to your property, our qualified technicians carefully inspect all your fire safety equipment.  If an extinguisher is showing signs of losing pressure or a non-serviceable state, or when extended or overhaul services are due, we will remove it and a replacement extinguisher primed for pressure and ready for service will be supplied. The old extinguisher will be loaded on our van and taken back to our warehouse, where it will be stored ready for collection.  Once a month the extinguishers are removed for recycling.


Our recycling contractor is a licensed waste carrier with the relevant environmental permits in place for this operation. They liaise with the Environment Agency and all waste is disposed of in line with current legislation.  After being safely depressurised, the contents of the extinguishers are emptied into different containers, the powder is processed into fertiliser. The empty extinguishers are then completely dismantled, and these sorted materials are then sent for recycling and reused in commercial equipment, household items, and in new fire extinguishers – this means that almost 100% of an extinguisher and the remaining contents are recycled.


All this is good news for the environment and it means that you, our customer, can be assured that it is our intention at Bath & West Fire & Safety to be as environmentally responsible as possible from start to finish.


Should you have to use your extinguisher, the extinguisher must be replaced as soon as possible, and we will prioritise any customers who have had the misfortune of a fire. Contact Bath & West Fire & Safety your local fire safety experts and we shall be happy to advise.

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