Love is in the air – scented candles are hot!

Scented candles are hugely popular at this time of the year with, hey there! Valentines Day just around the corner (next Wednesday). Among the roses, chocolates, lacy stuff and teddy bears the way to one’s significant other’s heart will be the romantic ‘night in’ with bubbly and foam bath … and scented candles to keep the atmosphere of ‘lurrve’.

Scented candles are different from dinner candles in that they rely on the pool of melted wax to throw out the fragrance, therefore they need to be contained in some way, usually by a glass jar, but whatever the candle rests in, it must be resistant to heat. Ventilation is important with this type of candle, also location as you should always avoid moving a scented candle once it is lit, due to the liquid nature of it. Place the candle on a level surface away from curtains, books, draughts and away from a plastic bath as all of these are a fire risk. Groups of closely placed candles might look good in the films, but these are a fire risk too, as they can cross flare and the whole lot could turn into a bonfire, which would not be romantic. Never leave burning candles unattended. Make sure that you have a working smoke alarm. It is worth bearing in mind that nearly 40% of all household fires in the UK are started by candles, and every year hundreds of people end up in hospital with candle related injuries, which can sure put a dampener on the romantic mood.

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