‘Faulty Household Appliances cause 60 Fires a week’

The consumer group Which has released a report stating that faulty appliances have been the cause of on average 60 fires a week in the UK. This shocking statistic included a breakdown of the types of household appliance likely to be the cause of the fire. Of the known origins, heading the list are washing machines and tumble driers with a 35% share causing an average of 20 fires a week. Following behind, ovens at 11%, dishwashers 10% and fridge freezers at 8%. Below that pc machines, kettles, vacuum cleaners, irons and audio equipment taking a share of less than 1% each.

The brands of each appliance were also revealed, but trends as to whether these brands are of more risk than others have been disputed by the manufacturers.

Which have called for government action to force manufacturers to remove potentially dangerous electrical white goods from homes. The recently set up Office for Product Safety and Standards needs to prove how it will solve the problem, Which added.

This report is indeed sobering reading. Having well maintained fire safety equipment is a must for any household or business. Contact us at Bath & West Fire & Safety for smoke alarms, fire blankets and fire extinguishers – your local friendly experts.

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