Tips to keep you toasty

Images of a crackling fireplace may be very attractive to look at, but a real fire is not necessarily the most efficient way to heat spaces.

Here are our tips to keep you warm during this cold snap:

1. Say hello to the sun. As soon as the sun streams through your windows make sure you make the most of it by letting it in to heat your place for free.
2. Draw your curtains at night. When the light turns to dusk close your curtains making sure that all gaps are covered, if you have a curtain pelmet (a top window covering) even better. Did you know you could lose up to 40% of heat through your windows if they are left uncovered?
3. Get a cat. Cuddling a pet is like having your own live hot water bottle, and sometimes they can be good company too!
4. Get a dog. A cloth sausage dog draught excluder that lays on the floor by the gap between the door and floor might be an old-fashioned idea, but it works.
5. Move your sofa. Is furniture blocking the way and preventing your radiators from heating spaces? If so, move it so that the heat can circulate.
6. Turn your heating down a bit. This might sound daft but a lower constant heat is more economical and efficient than sudden bursts of high heat in cold temperatures.
7. Check your smoke alarm. With all this extra heat, and especially if you have an open fire, make sure that your smoke alarm and extinguisher are in tip-top form.

It is cold at the moment but can be beautifully sunny during the day. Donning a woolly hat and getting out for a brisk walk is free and keeps the circulation going. Spring is on the way, honest!

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