Knit your own fire blanket in 10 trendy colours.

Along with silver and gold extinguishers for the discerning client, we are pleased to once again lead the way with innovative products.

Knit your own fire blanket taps into the fashion trend for hipster knitting as witnessed on the streets of Paris, Tokyo and New York. Colours to choose from are low-rise black, sky blue, jazz red, snow white, canary yellow, vintage burgundy, ironic green, seaweed turquoise, whiskers orange and bambi pink. Knitting this not only will provide therapy for the man or woman on the go, but also the resulting article becomes a useful tool within the kitchen. After the pattern is complete, the blanket can be stored on a hook where it can be admired by friends, all with the knowledge that should a fire occur it could be chucked into the direction of the action.

The pattern can be adapted to stripes, swirls, or for the more advanced hipster knit: cheques in colours to match the shirts hipsters love so much.

Important. Stop knit on the above. The knit your own blanket is useless! It is only suitable as a knee rug. Get your own real fire blanket from us at Bath & West Fire & Safety, available in only one colour – white.

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