Famous Movie Scenes featuring a Fire Extinguisher #3 Doctor in Clover

The ‘Doctor In …’ films were a series of very successful comedies in the 1960s in which hapless young doctors got involved in all sorts of jolly japes. In this one youthful Leslie Phillips creates mayhem in a teaching hospital corridor, when a patients’ food trolley is knocked over and the young doctor slips on what looks like a tray of macaroni cheese. In free-fall Leslie grabs a wall-mounted fire extinguisher and it goes off. His doctor friend gets a face-full of foam when he offers to help by saying ‘let me have it’. The foamy fun doesn’t stop there. Dainty nurses in stilettos just happening to pass in the corridor get covered, as so does matron, and a crowd of orderlies … suddenly there are people everywhere in the chaos – all covered in foam! But wait, it gets even messier when, guess what, the boss turns up all suited and booted, with a white hanky in his top-pocket, and stiff upper lip intact he seem oblivious to his surroundings. The foam shoots all over him from head to foot, ruining his smart suit and he stares incredulously, then angrily at the two doctors, then takes out a notebook to write down their misdemeanour, but it quickly gets covered in foam too. The top man, actor James Robertson Justice is driving a car nearby and this gets covered in foam, the extinguisher seems to go on forever. If you like slap-stick comedy then this one is definitely up your street … but the likelihood of simply falling on a fire extinguisher and it going off and creating acres of mayhem is extremely remote.

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