Famous Movie Scenes featuring a Fire Extinguisher #4 Gravity

The 2013 film Gravity defied convention in many ways.  Described as an experience more than a movie, almost the entire film was depicted in space and focussed on an astronaut’s quest to get back to earth using any means available to her after the conventional methods had failed.  Starring Sandra Bullock, a memorable moment featuring a fire extinguisher in the film was when she used it’s vapour to transport herself across outer space to another capsule.


Would this be possible? Opinions are that the fire extinguisher would certainly have moved her, but not necessarily in the direction she intended.  The extinguisher would have needed to sit right at her “centre of mass” with equal weights on both sides.  But the extinguisher spraying from any other point would have thrown her off balance and spun her around. This spinning would be faster and more disorienting than on earth, though, because there would be no resistance in space.  In addition, NASA have also commented that American spacecraft don’t carry the style of extinguisher used in the film, so there.


But it was an entertaining idea.


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