Its Mayday and there’s something you need to do

Today is the 1st of May, and all over the world people will be marking the day with celebration, dancing, and ritual.

In the UK, traditionally, there is maypole dancing. Lots of colourful ribbons adorn the top of a vertical long pole or young tree, and people skip around it. Each person holding onto a ribbon, they sometimes skip in the same direction, sometimes in alternating directions, weaving in and out of each other, holding the ribbons. This creates a lattice pattern on the pole, all the colourful ribbons woven together until they almost cover the pole. The origins of the tradition emerge from the Beltane festival in the UK and Walpurgis in Germany. In Pagan times the Maypole dance was a fertility rite to symbolize the start of the summer season, to bring about fruits and a good harvest.

But today also being the start of the month of May means that it is time to test your smoke detector, so get the step-ladder out and test it now. You don’t need to dance around it, and there is no mystery if it doesn’t work … you probably just need new batteries.

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