It’s a hot summer – so where’s your blanket?

A lovely summer’s day. The lawn has been cut, the sun-loungers are strategically placed and the beer is cooling in the fridge, it’s time to relax. So why not have a barbecue? The UK has had quite a few hot and sunny days so there have been plenty of occasions to light up and eat alfresco. No longer just about charred sausages and under-cooked chicken legs, the barbecue of 2017 is a far cry from those drizzly days puffing and swearing at the smoulder and hiss as everyone huddled around wishing they were inside and a bit warmer.
The barbecue is now classed as ‘high food’, and touted by several celebrity chefs, although you don’t need to be too ambitious to create a tasty meal. Spatch-cock chicken, Lebanese lamb chops or simply salmon cooked on a bed of lemon slices are just a few recipes to try. But should the flames get out of control you need to be prepared.
The best way to extinguish a barbecue fire is to put the lid down (if you have one), but if there isn’t one, a fire blanket is an option to be used with care. Oxygen feeds a fire, and any fire involving fat, sugar, and existing flame will be more volatile, so it makes sense to be extra careful when cooking on a barbecue. So, take a tip from the Mediterraneans, take your time, be relaxed, and enjoy the garden gastronomy!
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