World Cup – Saudi Team in Plane Fire Drama

As the excitement builds around the twists and turns of the World Cup, things for the Saudi Team got a bit frantic as footage from the plane they were flying into Russia showed flames coming out of one of the engines. The entire team were flying into Rostov airport on a Russian plane when it would appear that one of the engines was struck by a bird, and the plane had to make an emergency landing. The shocked team clearly were relieved to reach terra-firmer in anticipation for their match with Uruguay on Wednesday.

Modern planes are designed to fly through all types of weather and obstacles. A fire is never good news, but onboard there are well-rehearsed methods and systems to extinguish it. Outside the aircraft is a different matter. A bird flying into one engine may sound pretty scary but as planes are designed to fly on just one engine, a pilot can continue flying without too much drama. Its bad news for the bird though as the impact is likely to cause disintegration. The pilot may not even notice that a bird has struck, sometimes it takes a landing inspection to realise that this has happened. Although rare, a fire on a wing however is a more serious matter. Most modern planes have fuel tanks on their wings and any sort of fire will mean that an emergency landing evacuation is the only solution.

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