South of France and Corsica hit by fierce forest fires

Hundreds of firefighters battled through the night on Monday to quell the flames of forest fires blazing in south east France and Corsica as hundreds of people were evacuated from houses, hotels and campsites. Firefighters say that some of the fires are still not under control.
The fires have hit areas in southern France, including the Var and Vaucluse departments, St Tropez and the town of Carros to the north of Nice. They have also been ravaging northern Corsica.
In total, the forest fires raging in south east France and northern Corsica have reduced 3000 hectares of land to cinders.
But fire fighters and water bombing planes are still in place fighting the blaze which has so far destroyed many hundreds of hectares of vegetation.
A fire raging in the town of Carros to the north of Nice has also been quelled according to a local radio station. The flames scorched 90 hectares, destroying a house and vehicles on its way.
The island of Corsica is some 140 miles from Nice, and with its craggy peaks and spectacular scenery it is popular with hikers and those who prefer an active holiday.
The origins of the fires in both France and Corsica are open to speculation, but thought to have spread so rapidly by coincidence because of dry forestation and arid weather.
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