World Cup – the fire-lighting water bottle and other bizarre souvenirs

With all the World Cup excitement and England still very much in the running (yay), the Russians have propelled themselves forward as winners in hosting this great event. Russian business has also cashed in from this fervour and the race is on for the most original and bizarre souvenir.

The first contender has to be the football shaped water bottle. Created especially for the World Cup, the manufacturers came upon the idea to mould the clear plastic drinking water bottle into the sphere of a football … yes, that’s pretty original. Trouble is, well there are a couple of obstacles. The round shape of the bottle makes it very difficult to carry around, it doesn’t fit into the average jeans pocket for instance and has to be swung around in an unwieldly manner. But more importantly, the bottle when left in the sunshine, turns into a magnifying ball of fire induction which will burn anything flammable underneath it. Several fires have been reported, with ants being the main unfortunate casualty. We don’t know whether the igniting football water bottle has been withdrawn from sale or whether it is still kicking around … but at least if the fire starts there is a handy supply of water in the bottle to put it out.

If plastic bottles are off your shopping list, and you are feeling a bit peckish, the Russians have got it covered. Why not try a World Cup special pickled cucumber lollipop, marinated in beer; or football shaped sausages, coloured in authentic and sharp black and white so they really DO look like footballs. Or, if you are feeling flush, you might consider a Faberge style egg which opens to reveal a replica of the World Cup, just seen it on Ebay for under £20, or football dangly earrings that bounce about every time you move, or a t-shirt depicting a snarling World Cup 2018 mascot wielding a baseball bat, nice. Finally, for the authentic Russian gift, there are the matryoshka dolls, the ones that fit inside each other, in various guises. One even featuring a stern President Mr Putin blowing on a bright red whistle – full time! No penalties please.

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