A Tale of Seven Sheds

The summer of 2018 is turning out to be a scorcher and for those of us who enjoy a ‘barbie’ or two its been a great opportunity to fire up those coals for some alfresco fun. The garden has become another living room as the balmy evenings continue, everyone can relax watching the embers glow into the night.

Your garden may be large and rambling or it may be small and intimate, but chances are it probably contains a shed. Sheds are really useful structures, usually built out of wood, and used for all sorts of storage. Lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, spades, forks, seeds, pots, plant feed are the most conventional contents of a shed. But people use them for all sorts of reasons, not only for the garden. A shed may become a cinema with the addition of a large screen and a few comfy chairs; a vintage wardrobe with the addition of hangers, shelves and a mirror, or even as a ‘man cave’ where dad (or mum) can have a few moments ‘me’ time pottering about away from the hurly-burly in the house. Some people have guest beds in sheds, or chickens, pigeons, or other feathered or furry friends. Shed of the Year has become a national obsession.

A shed may be located at the bottom of the garden, but bearing in mind its proximity to anything else it is worth considering whether it poses a fire risk, particularly in these days of such warm weather. Back-to-back gardens need special consideration as fires between properties can spread very quickly, simply via that tinder-box at the bottom of the garden – the lovely shed. There was a fire very recently in Wiltshire which spread to seven gardens, all via the sheds. Dry grass, hot sun, and a fire can be lethal. A barbecue or any sort of fire should never be lit near a shed. It’s a good idea to keep a large bucket of water near the barbecue too in case of an emergency, and … never leave a lit barbecue unattended, even if it looks as though it is out, make sure it is fully extinguished before you leave it to cool off before disposing of the cold contents safely the next day.

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