Crowded Cornwall? Camping is the Life!

If this August presents you with a few days of rest and relaxation, why not consider a couple of nights in the countryside under canvas? Nowadays one can pick up a tent for pocket change, and set off for the great outdoors for a fresh air adventure such as this fantastic camping site in Wales (hopefully that car is going to be moved).

Camping is growing in popularity for a great way to spend time with the family. There’s the tent to build for a start, usually a team effort after the perfect pitch has been discovered, discussed, tested and debated. It is always wise to pitch your tent at least 6 metres from any other tent, and well away from parked vehicles. Then, after the tent is up its time to make the place a home for a few days, don’t forget your book and a few games, especially if there is no phone signal. Also let everyone know where the torch is, a pail of water, and where escape routes are in case of an emergency.

All that activity is bound to work up an appetite so alfresco cooking is the best way to do it when you are out in the sticks. Before you light a fire, make sure that fires are permitted on your campsite. If you have a solid fuel stove, make sure you light it correctly, never use petrol or paraffin to light a fire. Remember to keep flammable liquids (such as petrol and gas cylinders) outside and away from children. Only change gas cylinders when they’re completely empty and store them away from caravans and vehicles. Make sure the gas pipe connection is secure. If you suspect a leak, turn off the main cylinder valve. Never smoke whilst changing your gas. Never take a barbecue into a tent.

Happy camping! For all your fire safety needs including fire alarms, smoke alarms, extinguishers, fire blankets, fire risk assessments and fire safety training for your staff contact our specialist staff at Bath & West Fire & Safety.

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