‘Bacon is off I’m afraid’

In these days of sunny moments and thunder clouds, it is difficult to make plans that are fail-safe; one minute it’s slapping on the sun cream and the next it’s brollies everywhere.
So, this makes planning an outdoor holiday in the UK, especially camping, a bit more of a challenge. Fresh air dining is a pleasure of camping but in this typical British summer the weather report needs to be watched very carefully before setting off to cook a three-course supper on the gas stove.
The general advice is that you should never use a gas, petrol or other combustion cooker inside your tent for two reasons: the risk of fire and the possible build-up of carbon dioxide, or worse, carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odourless, smokeless, poisonous and can lead swiftly to unconsciousness and death.
It is also sensible to have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket handy, and never leave your cooking unattended.
Any heat source close to a synthetic fabric tent wall can be dangerous as the fabrics can catch fire. Appliances can also flare up, so an arching wall is a high risk. If the weather is bad, a separate high porch canopy combined with a windshield on the cooker will often provide sufficient weatherproofing for your cooking needs.
Or, better still, why not tell your fellow campers that the bacon is off, and how about bagels and orange juice instead? For all your fire safety needs including fire extinguishers and fire blankets contact us at Bath & West Fire & Safety. Happy camping!

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