Hero of the Night – its Prince Ozzy

When searching for a new home, black cats prove to be the least popular. Why this is the case is a subject of much debate, some even think that in this age of the ‘selfie’ a black cat is the least photogenic. But the black cat can be a lucky talisman, especially if the bond between owner and pet is strong and affectionate.

Prince Ozzy, a black kitty named after the Prince of Darkness Osborne is a very special cat. His owner, Sharon Kane, was suffering with a chest infection, when after taking strong medication fell into a deep sleep. But her slumber was disturbed by Ozzy’s constant pawing at her face which at first, she found irritating and drowsily she batted him away. But Ozzy wasn’t having any of it and he persisted until Sharon woke from her slumber to find that the room had filled with smoke from a fire in the flat below which was now ripping through the entire building. Grabbing her trusty feline Sharon raced out coughing and spluttering, but alive to tell the tale of her hero moggy.

The charity Cats Protection recognised him with an Award for a Hero cat. Prince Ozzy might have proved to be a life-saving cat, but please don’t rely on your pet to be a smoke alarm. Smoke alarms should be fitted in all buildings … and properly maintained. Vital time can be saved with the sensitivity of a fully functional smoke alarm. For all your fire safety needs including installation and maintenance of fire alarms, smoke alarms, extinguishers, fire blankets, fire risk assessments and fire safety training for your staff contact our own people at Bath & West Fire & Safety.

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