There’s no place like …

Bradford-on-Avon, the original broad field upon the River Avon, is a town very much on the map of Wiltshire. Close to Bath, and dating from Roman origins, the town thrived through the wool trade. Blessed to be on the River Avon, and surrounded by sheep, wool, and the wealthy merchants selling the cloth via the elegant houses which made up the centre of the town, Bradford-on-Avon became a town of many contrasts with rows of tiny terraced houses and narrow passageways weaving through the town to make up its character.

The town has been a magnet to tourists and residents over the years. Now in 2018 it is home to pubs and bed and breakfasts, restaurants and cafes, shops and virtual business centres. A friendly railway station is a welcome landmark in the centre. Bradford-on-Avon has moved with the times yet retains its welcome.

Innovation continues to thrive in Bradford-on-Avon. The rubber factory has closed, and so has the mushroom farm, along with the wool trade which brought the town its character. But now there is the Moulton Bicycle Company, canal and narrowboats, a thriving high street, with shops, tea rooms, beauty parlours, and creative spaces, start-ups and long established and much-loved businesses … and visitors, all keen to see the beauty of the town.

Our business, Bath & West Fire & Safety, your local fire safety expert has been here for over 25 years, serving the town of Bradford-on-Avon, as well as far and wide in the South of England. Please vote for us as your favourite business in our town. Voting closes this Sunday!

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