Pet rabbit nibbles its way to fire alert

Fire fighters in Cleveland were called to attend a house fire last week which had been started by a rabbit. The intrepid bunny had escaped its hutch and had found the utility room. The rabbit then worked its way to the back of the tumble dryer and chewed the flex. This damage resulted in a small fire.
Luckily the householders had a smoke alarm which alerted them to call the fire brigade. But having to replace their damaged tumble dryer, re-decorate the smoke damage, and sooth their traumatised pet bunny must have had the family vowing to keep a special eye on thumper in the future.
House rabbits are becoming increasingly more popular as companions as well as playmates. Safe-a-fluff, the rabbit rescue charity, recommends that all electrical cables should be protected in rabbit proof covering. Also, that house rabbits are placed in a hutch or suitable cage whilst unattended, and to provide bunny with suitable toys to chew on!
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