It’s October and the Majestic Rutting Season.

Autumn is glowing with rich colours and the leaves are falling.  Acorns and horse chestnuts litter the ground as the mornings take a little longer to warm up the day.  This is the perfect time for early rising and taking that long walk into the countryside.  If you are lucky, and plan your trip accordingly, you will witness one of nature’s wonders: the deer rut.  The buck deer which roam our open spaces will stock up on food to fuel their bodies for the most challenging time of year for them, and their very survival depends upon it as they battle each other for supremacy.  The sound and sight of rutting is unforgettable and it is wise to keep a safe distance from this natural phenomenon as testosterone is high and deer have been known to chase and attack people and dogs particularly at rutting time.

There are fire safety rules to follow in the countryside too.  Always make sure that cigarettes and other smoking materials are extinguished properly, never throw cigarette ends out of car windows – in autumn dry leaves can be particularly flammable.  Don’t leave bottles or glass  – sunlight shining through glass can start fires.  Take all litter home or put it in a waste or recycling bin.  If a barbecue is planned, make sure there is permission for this to take place.

If time is short and you want a guaranteed view of a herd of fallow deer why not take a scenic walk in Dyrham Park near Bath where the rutting season is happening right now with their resident herd.

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