Unsure? Listen to your gut!

Sometimes when thinking about something, there is a strange sensation, a tingle, a tightening in your gut that persists. This feeling could come from your brain or something more spiritual, but if it is a sensation that won’t go away then you should listen to it.
Scientists have conflicting theories as to how much of our brain we actually use, and what further depths of consciousness we are yet to discover. Or how memories of information and experiences accumulate and are stored and can be used for future events. Gut instinct has been proven to be a force to be reckoned with when an analysis of a situation is not possible, there are many examples of the power of instinct proven to be correct.
If you have noticed something about your fire safety equipment that doesn’t look right, then it probably isn’t. If you have observed that there is a bare wall in your premises when you were sure something was there before, then you are probably right. If you have a feeling that your staff would not know what to do in a fire emergency, then you are probably correct.
So, if it doesn’t ‘feel’ right it probably isn’t. Listen to your gut and contact us at Bath & West Fire & Safety, the experts for up-to-date advice, fire risk assessments, fire safety training, services and products for all your fire safety needs.

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