Crazy Brazilian Ref zaps Wasps with Fire Extinguisher

Tempers were sizzling recently in South America as a women’s football match was delayed by an invasion of a wasps’ nest on the goal net. The players stood around tapping their boots patiently as stadium staff struggled to contain the swarm of the pesky yellow and black buzzing bandits. But then the eager-to-please referee had a spark of initiative. Taking a fire extinguisher … that is, an extinguisher which is supposed to put out a fire, he aimed the horn at the offending nest and ‘blasted’ the blighters out into the atmosphere. After several shots and with the help of a few friends, the barmy ref threw his arms up in victory, and the game continued.
But wait! Those banded wingnuts would have just been blown up in the air, and knowing the tenacity of wasps they would have had their revenge well focussed and could divebomb from any angle. There are no reports as to whether the ref suffered any sort of sting from the wasps, but we would advise him from now on to prick his ears for any low buzzing sound, and to ensure that he keeps alert for maybe a tiny crawling sensation on his neck. Wasps are a relentless enemy – anyone who has taken a cream tea outside in the height of summer will confirm that the fight for jam dominance from wasps is a constant ruination of a relaxed afternoon. Reader, never use your extinguisher for anything else except to put out a fire … and if the wasps spoil your day, glass jar wasp traps work like a dream apparently.
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