It’s the 3rd April, and this smart wallpaper really does exist

In these days of high-rise apartment living and offices in towering skyscrapers, keeping the spaces fire safe and well utilised can be a headache for developers, especially if they want to maintain an attractive and discrete appeal to residents and users.

Fire alarm wallpaper is a concept created by the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics and Academy of Sciences. This cutting-edge wallpaper contains nano-wires made from hydroxyapatite which is a non-flammable material naturally found in bones and teeth.

How does it work? The inflammable paper is coated with an ink made from graphene oxide. When exposed to temperatures over 130 degrees, the oxygen-containing elements of the ink are burnt off, leaving a material that conducts electricity. This forms part of an electronic circuit that can be connected to an alarm, emergency lights, or even a sprinkler system.

So, if the wallpaper is exposed to fire, it completes the circuit to set off an alarm.
The paper, which takes two seconds to respond to the heat, can conduct electricity for approximately five minutes.

The benefits of this wallpaper can be two-fold, firstly it is highly fire resistant, unlike conventional wallpaper which is a considerable fire risk and can be responsible for spreading fire to a catastrophic level, the other benefit is that any fire can be quickly identified and isolated provided each room has the wallpaper.

Nano materials are the new hero ingredients of the 21st century and the same technology has been used in hair dye, water filters and night vision goggles. Tests are underway to fit nano technology into concrete so that the fire alarm will literally be built in future developments.
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