‘Flame’ Restaurant evacuated after real Fire

A restaurant that prides itself on its spectacular real flame-based cuisine in Northern Ireland was caught up in the drama of an out of control fire recently. Five appliances including one helicopter attended the blaze when over 40 diners, hotel guests and staff were evacuated. The popular restaurant is in the centre of Belfast, and offers steaks, chops and even puddings seared, flamed and grilled in full view of the diners in an open plan kitchen located in the heart of the restaurant. There is also a Tandoori oven which is traditionally heated from a coal fire to make authentic tasting Tandoor dishes. But it would appear that the fire did not originate from any of the cooking appliances, but from the extractors designed to whisk the smoke away.

Because of the nature of cooking, fires in any restaurant kitchen are almost an occupational hazard. Special considerations need to be made as to the appliances used, the layout of the kitchen and restaurant, and the methods used to cook food. A professional risk assessment should be carried out. Staff should receive specialist training in how to deal with the unexpected.

But back to Flame. On that night all the staff and customers were evacuated safely. Flame’s speciality might have been to use fire as a flamboyant cooking tool and give food that flavour of a fire, but that would mean extra vigilance between a good flame and a bad flame, and the skills to know what to do next.

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